comfy cozy gathering

Bandito's Mexican Grill has a cozy feel with an outdoor patio and a beach view . Relax with a cold beverage by our outside fire-pit or come inside and  join the fun in our vibrant dining spaces! Learn about our daily drink and food specials that are sure to tempt your tastebuds.

Seasonal Fresh ingredients

Freshly made tacos, enchiladas, homemade salsa and specialty margaritas can be found at Banditos. Every margarita served is freshly prepared on the spot! Salsa and guacamole are prepared daily along with our own home-made tortilla chips! Dig into juicy fajitas served sizzling out of a volcanic Molcajete bowl. We also have buckets of ice cold beer and an excellent selection of Mezcal Tequilas. If you are looking for something delicious and fast, make your order "To-Go" or call us to place a pick-up order.


The Mission

This is what we are about

Bandito's mission is to bring the freshest and most authentic taste of Mexico right to the beach of Ogunquit, Maine. Banditos is not just about the flavors and spices, but about the whole experience. "We want the guest to feel like family as soon as they set foot through the door." - Owner Judy Dennis.

Though Bandito's pays close attention to making sure their product is top notch by only using fresh ingredients, they also feel the importance of making sure their product is affordable for everyone. 

Bandito's is constantly trying to improve their ambiance and create new menu items to keep the restaurant exciting to guest and the owners themselves. "It's one of those places that every time you go in, you will notice something new or different. Even if you were just there yesterday!" - Manager Kevin Dennis.

Gluten Free and other Alergies

Bandito's is concerned about everyone's different needs. That is why a big majority of our menu is gluten free! Anything off the menu that is not wrapped in a flour tortilla, or deep fried is gluten free. Also all shell fish and seafood are cooked completely separate from everything else. If you have a peanut allergy just stay away from the mole sauce which is cooked all by itself!


The History

From Maine to Mexico

Bandito ́s was created in 2004 by Judy Dennis as a burrito "take out" restaurant in the downstairs area of the Little Inn building owned by Judy herself. Judy's vision was to provide affordable food for locals and workers in the Ogunquit area. The original kitchen was where the dining area is now. Bandito ́s Burritos went on like this for 6 years.

Meanwhile Judy's son Kevin, who was living in Mexico, had a dream of expanding the burrito shop and turning it into a full authentic Mexican restaurant with the freshest margaritas in town. After two years of convincing his mom, Judy finally said yes, and in the winter of 2010, they began the expansion. 

After three months of designing and rebuilding the restaurant with their own 4 hands and using recycled materials, Bandito ́s Mexican Grill was ready to open.

With the help of some of Kevin ́s friends back in Mexico, a menu was created with some of the most authentic Mexican dishes Maine has ever tasted. As Bandito's continues to thrive, their mission is to keep authenticity, the ingredients fresh, and the atmosphere fun.